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Since 1992, MPS creates, products, sells and maintains Automatic Public Conveniences all over Europe. The range of MPS Toilet fits everyone, everywhere with the most hygienic-efficient solution.

Specialists of automatic issues, we have developed a unique patented concept based on pressure cleaning which participates to the performance and safety of the toilets


This growth is due to our corporate culture based on four core values​​:

- Reliability,
- Solidity,
- Respect of disabled standards
- Compliance with environmental rules.

Our Quality and Environmental management reflects our professionalism.


More than 2500 European City Councils equipped with MPS conveniences, Bilbao, Pamplona, Oslo, Ludwigsburg, Voronezh...
Main Supplier of the French Railways since 1995 also with the Dutch Railways
Alimentary Whole Sale markets of Rungis and Toulouse,  Highway corporations, Region Councils, Chamber of commerce ...


Manufacture  is settled in the southwest of France near Spain. The 5000 m² production unit is covered with a 1500 photovoltaic paneled roof. Rain water is recollected and re-used into the industrial process.
The wastes are treated and recycled by dedicated registered professionals.
Recyclable materials are integrated into the construction process, concrete structure, stainless steel or recycled tiles.
Assembly line divided into 5 main operations from the laser cut, metal bending, fine welding workshops, tiling and montage.

We invite you to discover
our range of models

Together we build your toilet!

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