The European leader in
vandal-proof, self-cleaning public toilets

MPS has specialised in the design, creation, marketing and maintenance of self-cleaning public toilets since 1992.


MPS has built its success on values rooted in its corporate culture:

Why choose MPS self-cleaning toilets?


For their quality, based on a set of requirements that cover all aspects of automatic toilet use.



  • Automatically triggered flushing and floor cleaning
  • Seat cleaning
  • Stainless steel components
  • Cleaning schedule management


  • Protection against unduly prolonged use
  • Non-slip floors
  • Electric security lock
  • Automatic unlocking
  • Opening hours can be set
  • Closing/off-limits hours can be set
  • Presence detector
  • Fire classification M0 F0


  • PVC pressure feeder
  • Brass solenoid valve
  • Overview of operation/malfunctions by touch interface
  • Touch interface
  • No regular technical review or follow-up


For their ability to adapt to all situations, whatever the limitations, thanks to our two methods of installing automatic toilets on site.


This automatic toilet is entirely made in our workshops, and installed and connected to the networks on the site of your choice.

Toulon R400


MPS will come to fit the toilet in a pre-existing premises, adapting to the specific constraints of the location.

All over the world

MPS toilets adapt to all contexts, such as extreme cold, high frequency of use, local standards, etc.


For the variety of its catalogue, which enables you to combine practical and aesthetic requirements for your automatic toilets.

MPS toilets offer a wide range of choices that enable you to adjust their form and appearance to meet all demands and blend in with any environment.

  • Shape
  • Composition
  • Components
  • Coatings
  • Covers

Good to know: Protection against vandalism

All the components in our automatic toilets, both inside and outside, are tested for tear resistance.