The essentials

MPS toilets are equipped with an automatic system which cleans and disinfects the area after each use.

MPS guarantees the comfort and safety of users at all times.


  • Automatic flush
  • Washing and drying of toilet seat
  • Floor cleaned via nozzles


  • Hand-washing basin with soap, water and automatic hand dryer
  • Support rail
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation
  • Forced air heating
  • Vanity mirror
  • Double coat rack
  • 200 lux minimum lighting with automatic sensors

Opening hours, users and cleaning frequency, the MPS toilets are controlled digitally.

User safety

  • Security for prolonged usage: door unlocks and alarm sounds after 12 minutes of use
  • Non-slip floor
  • Fire-resistant materials, categorised as MO and FO
  • Door with door closer: Door closes slower to avoid people getting stuck
  • Electronic safety lock, emergency unlocking system
  • Technical room which is inaccessible to users
  • Installation of our toilets in accordance with the NF C 15 – 100 standard

Control interface

  • Visitor count with partial reset possible
  • Closing/off-limits hours can be set
  • Opening hours can be set
  • Activation of daylight savings time/standard time changeover
  • Modification of the frequency of floor cleaning
  • Modification of the different cleaning and occupancy times of the toilet
  • Cleaning cycle test with overview of working mechanisms
  • Overview of running/malfunctions of different mechanisms

Good to know!

MPS also offers a toilet model with a lid, which offers a level of comfort and automation which is unique on the market.

This model is visually different due to the automatic lid. It provides extra comfort and strictly respects hygiene rules, as it is cleaned by 13 nozzles, disinfected and dried after each use.

For added safety, an emergency button in case of a fall has been placed 30cm above the ground.

Lastly, this toilet can be used for all projects, whether prefabricated or in renovation.

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